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Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra - Security (2007)

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"Transworld SKATEboarding review of Security
May 2007 | Volume 25 | Number 05

Once upon a time, in the mid 1960s, there was a magical place that was half Tokyo and half Rome. In this city, let’s call it Nuovo Japon, there were two feuding clans: the beatnik kung-fu gangsters and the robot –monster arch villains. The beatnik kung-fu gangsters operated a chain of Chinese-Italian restaurants and shook down the city’s merchants for protection money, carrying hatchets and nunchakus. The robot-monster arch villains built a series of ever-more-terrifying giant robot monsters with which they would extort huge sums of cash from the government. The sported severe haircuts and black Nehru jackets and all of them had at least one fake hand.

One day, the beatnik kung-fu gangsters and the robot monster arch villains fought to the death at Nuovo Japon’s coliseum, but before they did, they enjoyed a huge meal at one of the Chinese-Italian restaurants. Fela Kuti was there, along with his 80 member band of African robots. They played an impromptu show for the two feuding gangs before the fight to the death.

The music swirled through the restaurant and people danced and danced, tears streaming down their faces, embracing each other as friends for the first and only time in their lives. Antibalas is the personification of that day. – Andreas Trolf"

Y lo explica bastante bien....

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